It is no question the UAB Blazers basketball team is playing very well. At the time of this being typed, UAB sits with a 14-3 record whilst winning 11 in a row. The Blazers also currently, at the time of this being typed, have an RPI – based on ESPN and – of 95, which is pretty good considering the past several years they have not finished with an RPI above 125.


So the big question is:

Is an at-large bid possible?

Personally, I believe it totally is if we continue to take care of business on the court. If we win out the regular season or drop one or two games, and I mean against Louisiana Tech and/or Middle Tennessee ONLY, and then make it to the conference championship game and lose it still may be possible.

My reasoning is thus.

  • We currently have no bad loses. Hear me out here, yes we lost to Auburn who is currently sub .500 at 7-8, but that is it for iffy losses. Virginia Tech has beaten Virginia who was ranked number 5 at the time, and they continue to improve with each game. Our loss to Illinois bothers me the most. We were the only team the Illini played at 100 percent, and if they had been 100 percent this whole year they would have won many more games I believe.
  • We have the fight to keep winning. We have won many games with lots of turnovers, bad free throw percentages, or just bad shooting in general. Even though we sometimes allow the other team to get the upper hand, we find a way to fight back and win close ones.
  • We are capable of winning out the regular season and finishing 27-3. I mean seriously, if you have watched the team you know what I am talking about. We do have some tough road games at Louisiana Tech and at Middle Tennessee left, but I feel it is completely doable. If we just take care of business on the road I have no doubt we can win out.
  • This team has something to prove. We all know of the amazing upset of Iowa State in the Big Dance last year, and we all know of the not so good defeat at the hands of UCLA the next round. I think the team wants to prove they are capable of more. I think they are capable of more.
  • We made the tournament last year. We not only made it, but proved we are more than a one-and-done even with a 16-15 final regular season record. More love is shown to previous tournament contenders as well.

So yes, the road may be tough and full of close games, but I feel it is possible to achieve an at large bid.


This is all my opinion, however, and only time will tell if this prediction is accurate. If you have any comments, objections, or otherwise please comment. I want to hear all of your opinions on this, but I do ask to please keep it civil.

Go Blazers!