BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Records are made to be broken. Well, at least for the UAB Blazers they hope that is the case. Tampa, Normal, Norfolk, Charlotte, heck, you could send these kids to Tobacco Road and they’d probably come home the victors.

It’s been 52 calendar days since the Blazers were last defeated. Out of the 351 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball teams, only two can say they’ve had a clean sheet during that time and the team on the Southside is one of them.

This season’s storybook script could add a new chapter during this week’s home stand. A few of the many records set by the father of Blazer’s athletics himself, Gene Bartow, might finally be broken. It would be naive to think the old Coach isn’t looking down and casting a smile over the Magic City during a time when so much change and progress has been made on campus. You can bet he’ll be rooting for the home team this week.

No good story is complete without a compelling plot line. Between the Blazers and history are two teams, Rice and North Texas, that sent them home with losses on the road less than a year ago. The Owls won in a double overtime game that featured a 7 point Rice comeback in the final 58 seconds of the first overtime. Just two days before, the Blazers fell 67-64 to North Texas who’ve they’ve yet to beat (0-2) as CUSA members.

Now that we know what lies ahead, let’s take a look back at the records that are within UAB’s grasp this week:

Consecutive Home (Bartow) Wins (Win against Rice breaks it)

  • Current — 19 Wins
  • Record — 19 Wins
  • When — 90-91 to 92-93


Consecutive Wins (Wins against Rice and North Texas breaks it)

  • Current — 12 Wins
  • Record — 13 Wins
  • When — 92-93


Best Start in Conference Play (Wins against Rice and North Texas breaks it)

  • Current — 5 Wins
  • Record — 6 Wins (CUSA)
  • When — 09-10


So, where will you be January 21st and 23rd? Will you be one of the thousand gold pieces in place to will on the Blazers? If not, I pity the fool.

“I believe in the Golden Rule – The Man with the Gold… Rules.” – Mr T.