As many of you probably have seen now- at the time of this articles writing- there have been many reports saying that Jerod Haase is the leading candidate for the Stanford coaching job, and ESPN has been saying their “sources” have confirmed that Haase to Stanford is all but a done deal.

For me, this is really disappointing news as I think Haase is fantastic on and off the court, but seeing as how some band kid has no say so in these kinds of things, all I – and everyone else – can do is sit back and hope for the best.

So … where does UAB Men’s Basketball go from here?

Funny you should ask that, I might have an idea.

We’re fine. There is no reason to get all bent out of shape over this.

This is the right move for Haase, I believe. Stanford is many times better in several areas than UAB. The PAC-12 had 7(!!!!!!) teams in the NCAA Tournament this year with one of them, Oregon, defeating Duke to go to the Elite 8 last night.

As for UAB though, we have so many good things to offer a coaching candidate.

  • Great program foundation: You really can just look in the rafters and see proof of that. Many NCAA and NIT appearances.
  • Great city:  I mean come on, Birmingham is gorgeous and there is a ton that the city has to offer anyone who visits or lives here.
  • Great place in-state for recruiting: We sit in the center of the state surrounded by so many high schools that are full of talented athletes. Whoever takes the helm will not be hurting for talent to recruit.
  • We are in a good place as a program: We just came off a 26 win season. We aren’t some ragtag program that struggles to scrape together 15 wins every season. We are an elite force in Conference USA.


I feel like the worst thing we have to offer an incoming coach, in my opinion, is our conference. Three teams wad 20-win seasons this year with single digit losses. One, MTSU, made it to the tourney, and one, us with 26 wins and a regular season title, made it to the NIT, while  La. Tech, who had 23 wins, made it to the CBI. So obviously our conference is not respected a whole lot and will never be more than a one and maybe, and I mean a strong maybe, two bid league.


So you might be asking yourself, “Who can UAB hire to fill this void?” Well I’m not too sure either, honestly. However, my gut keeps telling me Rob Ehsan will get the nod, and here is why.

  • Easy transition: If Ehsan gets the job, there will be little to no turnover in terms of assistants and transfers. Ehsan has been here as an assistant under Haase all four years and knows what he is doing.
  • Talented coach: Ehsan is a very talented coach, even if there is no head coaching experience there. There wasn’t any with Haase and look how he did. Ehsan has been with Maryland, Virginia Tech, and UAB as an assistant coach in some form or fashion and has the right stuff to be our next coach, in my opinion.

There are a few other reasons as well. He knows how to run a program smoothly and cleanly after having been under Coach Haase these past four seasons. Both of those, coupled with the reasons listed above, are why I feel Ehsan will be or new head coach. Only time will tell.


In light of all of this, I would like to personally thank Coach Haase for everything he has done for this program. I wish him all the best in his venture out west, and here’s to hoping he’ll manage to get a series going with UAB at his new position.

Thank you Coach! It’s been a blast, and good luck!

No matter what happens, It is ALWAYS a great day to be a Blazer!