The UAB Blazer football team just recently wrapped up their historic 2016 spring football session. The final day the Blazers were joined by current Green Bay packer Kennard Bachman who was on Clark’s first team at UAB. Quite a way to wrap up a whirlwind of a resurrection for the Blazer program.

Everything seems to have fallen into place for Bill Clark and the Blazers. Recruiting has garnered national attention, money is still rolling in, and facilities are on the way. UAB Mark Ingram says without any unforeseen issues the practice facility will be up and running for the Blazers return to the field in 2017. Clark was upbeat about what the Blazers accomplished with their 67 players, despite the unique situation they are still currently in.

“With our numbers, with the newness, with the fact that we don’t play unit 2017, I think we accomplished the goals we had going in and came out with some really good ideas about who could do what.”

While there have been mostly smiles, Coach Clark says there was some frustration with this year’s spring session with the limitation of players. Sometimes the competitor in each coach struggled with not having the ability to go full force in the spring.

“You can tell yourself you’re going to be limited – we don’t have all the receivers, etc.; but then you get out there and it can be frustrating. So I would admit that it’s not all roses. You say ‘Well we have 67 guys,’ but we’ve got a few guys hurt. Now you’re down to three running backs. I think there have been frustrations that have gone with that. I expected it, but that’s part of it. There are highs and lows, but all-in-all I’ve been very pleased.”

Coach Clark and his players all spoke highly of their meetings with former players after the alumni game and through the course of spring. Clark continues to want all facets of this program – past, present, and future – working together. It appears that is working out well under Clark’s leadership.

With spring practices in the books, Clark and the Blazers look forward to 29 new faces joining them in the fall for camp. Despite not playing until 2017 there will be several open scrimmages for Blazer fans to see what this team will resemble without scholarship limitations.

With summer quickly approaching, Clark stated the strength and conditioning program will be hard at work to utilize the extra time they have to get ready for 2017 under Trey Clark and Jhun Cook. Clark spoke of game planning and conditioning and said, “We Should be the most prepared team in the nation in 2017.”

 So don’t look for these Blazers to be wasting any time now or in the fall.