As you read this roughly 16 months stand between the Blazer faithful and the chance to see their left for dead team take the field again. That’s roughly 70 weeks or 487 long and tedious days. During this time many will add new dragon’s to their den and some will be lost. Some of us will move away and others will find themselves closer to our University and community than ever. As each day passes the final goal will peak over the horizon, yet the days will most certainly feel as if they’ve grown longer.

A lot can happen in 487 days.

Fortunately for our green and gold family, through countless individual and group efforts, we have been afforded more and more tangible results that have helped quench our spirited thirst. Seemingly every week donations have been unloaded by the truck full on the lawn of the Campus Green.

The grass has most certainly grown greener on the Southside.

Across the city community and business leaders are fighting and working to see that the vision of Dr. Volker be fulfilled. Fourty-seven of the Magic City’s own put their names and reputations on the line and created the UAB Athletic’s Campaign Committee.

Dr. Joseph F. Volker

These people, myself, Dr. Volker, and you all share the same belief. We believe Birmingham is and can continue to be as strong as the steel that helped build it. Together we are the foundation and together we must remain.

The naysayers, non believers, and rumor generators will continue to grow like kudzu. There will be times that our faith will dwindle and doubt will creep in to our minds. When that time comes, remember that one or two individuals cannot overcome the power of many. One or two individuals will not stop The Return. Names like Goodrich, O’Neal, Craft, Pizitz, McWane, Spann, Gorrie, Filler, Hire, and others will see it through.

These people are Birmingham. These people are UAB.

Ever Faithful. Ever Loyal.