BIRMINGHAM — For the first time since November 29, 2014 UAB football will take the field for live 11-on-11 action in front of fans. Though they’ll be competing against each other, the anticipation and excitement has built up like any other football Saturday nonetheless.

From a fans perspective, there isn’t very much tangible information to go by as far as predicting the depth chart for Coach Bill Clark’s Blazers. From the pictures and news that have circulated, and our knowledge of the current roster, we’ve put together what we believe could be a close representation of the team’s current depth.







1. A.J. Erdely

2. Tyler Johnston

3. John Jacobs

Walk-Ons: Jeremy Joseph, Michael Turner


Running Backs

1. Kalin Heath

2. Lucious Stanley: VIDEO

3. Anthony Brooks: * VIDEO

*Brooks has been cleared to practice as of 8/25. He’s expected to position himself higher in the depth chart in the future.


Wide Receivers

1a. Ronald Turner JrVIDEO

1b. Quincy Perdue

1c. Collin Lisa

2a. Sederian Copeland (WR/QB)


2b. Brewer Hicklen (UAB Baseball Player)

2c. Andre Wilson

3a. Wally Adams: Returning wide receiver Wally Adams’ UAB career to span 2011-2017

3b. Will Ulmer: * 

3c. Demetrius Davis: VIDEO

Walk-Ons: Vernon Chatman, X-Zavier Morris

*Former 4-star wide receiver and Under Armour All-American Will Ulmer has been cleared to practice as of 8/25. He’s expected to position himself higher in the depth chart in the future.


Tight Ends

1. Kylen Binn: VIDEO

2. Tyler Marshall: VIDEO

Walk-Ons: Hayden Pittman, Phillip Brown, Sean Eaton


Offensive Lineman

1a. Le Defour (C), 6-3 / 284

1b. Brandon Hill, 6-7 / 438

1c. James Davis, 6-2 / 285

1d. Tyler Jones, 6-5 / 303

1e. Bryant Novick, 6-5 / 281

2a. Charles Brenner (C), 6-3 / 290

2b. Chris Schleuger, 6-4 / 270

2c. Steve Pickren, 6-5 / 260

Walk-Ons: Jon Stone, Daniel Hunter, Brad Minor, Robert Sellers, Garrett Morgan

*Injured: Natrell Curtis, Jordan Jamison



Defensive Lineman

1a. Shaq Jones (JACK)

1b. Teko Powell: Illinois defensive tackle Teko Powell to transfer

1c. Bentley Easley

1d. Garret Marino

2a. Darryl Waters (JACK)

2b. D’Von Issac 

2c. Tyler Haddock

2d. Noah Jones

3a. Kingsley Ejike (JACK) 

3b. Stacy Keely

3c. Quindarius Thagard

Walk-Ons: Mory Sanoh, Jay Chisolm



1a. Nick Holman

1b. Tevin Crews

1c. Craig Kanyangarara

2a. Chris Morgan

2b. Zachary Williams

2c. Chris Woolbright

Walk-Ons: Jamaal Morris, Roy Patton, Fitzgerald Mofor, Luke Brasher, Tyler Byrd


Defensive Backs

1a. Duke Culver

1b. Darez Diggs

2a. Jordan Petty

2b. DA Williams

3a. Broderick Thomas 

Walk-Ons: Justis Glassford, Quante Bone, Brontae Harris, Derrick Gregory



1a. Will Dawking

1b. Marc Jonassaint

2a. Donnie Lee

2b. Garrison Mitchell

3a. Tajh Lowe

Walk-Ons: Trovell Womack, Irving Adams, Jonathan Rattliffe, John Williams