When strong, avoid them. If of high morale, depress them. Seem humble to fill them with conceit. If at ease, exhaust them. If united, separate them. Attack their weaknesses. Emerge to their surprise.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Blazers and Jayhawks have a very interesting past. They’ve played three times over 32 years, all in tournaments. Kansas is 2-1 all time against UAB.

I’ll be a little more brief than usual because we’ll be doing a Q & A article with the Kansas SB Nation site Rockchalktalk.com in addition to this preview.

UAB 50 Kansas 46

November 25, 1984 ¦ Great Alaska Shootout



Let’s have a look at some of the names on the 84-85 Kansas team.

  • Coach Larry Brown
  • Ron Kellogg
  • Danny Manning – Current Wake Forest Head Coach
  • Mark Turgeon – Current Maryland Head Coach
  • Tad Boyle – Current Colorado Head Coach

Blazer notables from 84-85.

  • Jerome Mincy – Banner hanging in Bartow Arena
  • Steve Mitchell – Banner hanging in Bartow Arena
  • Murry Bartow – Former UAB and ETSU Head Coach. Son of Gene Bartow.

UAB 83 Kansas 109

November 15, 1989 ¦ Preseason NIT

Take a closer look at the man second from the left. That was second year Kansas coach Roy Williams who we all know now is with North Carolina.

After the Jayhawks beat the Blazers they then went on to beat #2 LSU and freshman star Shaquille O’Neal, #1 UNLV, then finally #25 St. John’s.

UAB 74 Kansas 100

March 26, 2004 ¦ NCAA Tournament Regional Semi-Finals

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I have fond memories of this era of UAB basketball as many do. I was a junior in high school when the Blazers beat Washington, one seeded Kentucky, before falling to the Jayhawks in the Sweet 16.

Check out some of the awesome Bill Self quotes leading into Kansas’ semi-final game against UAB.

“On defense, they go 100 miles an hour at all times. I don’t think anybody in America plays faster than they do on both ends. We have not played anybody that plays the way they do. Maybe the closest is TCU and Illinois-Chicago, and we had turnover problems in both games.”

“To prepare this week,” Self said, “to simulate it, we will have to put seven or eight guys on the court instead of five.”

I could write thousands of words on how ridiculously good this current Jayhawk roster is. They are extremely deep at every position and in my opinion — and many others — they have the best backcourt in college basketball.

Josh Jackson ¦ Freshman

Frank Mason III ¦ Senior