BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — It was ugly, but, an ugly W is always better than a L.

Both UAB and Alabama A&M shot just 16 percent from behind the arc. If it wasn’t for Nate Darling’s late two 3-pointers, the Blazers would have only converted one as a team.

After going 3-of-6 from three against George Washington, senior Dirk Williams is now a combined 0-8 against Saint Mary’s and Alabama A&M.

Coach Ehsan mentioned in the post game press conference that since Nick Norton went down it’s changed their ability to be a threat from the perimeter. Teams are now testing the Blazers by sagging into the paint and making them hit outside shots.

Dirk Williams, William Lee, Hakeem Baxter, and Deion Lavender have all proven to be effective 3-point shooters at different moments during the season. Teams are going to continue to double Chris Cokley, and the pressure will be on the other four starters to convert their perimeter shots more consistently.


Senior forward Tosin Mehinti played one of his most complete games of his four year career.

“We need to get Tosin at the level he’s capable of,” Ehsan said. “Thirteen and five is good, but the best thing was three blocks. We need to get that more often.”

Mehinti was awarded’s MVP for the first time since the Blazers overtime win against La Tech at the conference tournament in Birmingham two season ago.




Photos of the Night