Thank you Gene Bartow, the turnovers have started to swing in our favor. Before the start of Conference USA play UAB ranked dead last among the conference’s 14 teams in turning their opponents over.

When the Blazers lost Nick Norton not only did they lose his offense prowess, but his defense as well. He led the team with 52 steals last season and Robert Brown chipped in another 30. That’s 82 steals to be replaced.

UAB has just 88 steals this season through 16 games, but, give credit to the team and staff as the Blazers now lead Conference USA in defensive turnover percentage through three games. Keep in  mind they held MTSU to 60 points at home. Their defense over the last seven days has been good enough to win all three of their games.

Free Throws

In golf they say you “drive for show, but putt for dough.” In basketball free throws and how well you shoot them can be a direct indicator of how well your team will perform over the course of a season. UAB doesn’t beat Rice if the don’t get to the line and convert like they did hitting 30-of-33.

The Blazers led Conference USA in free throw percentage converting 80.9 percent of their attempts, which is a full four percentage points better than the second best team (FIU).

UAB’s Tough Conference USA Start

Per KenPom.com the Blazers have played the toughest schedule thus far to start conference play. UAB is projected to finish 12-6 along with La Tech and ODU, and three games behind MTSU who is projected to finish 15-3.