Do yourself a favor and don’t look at Scout, Rivals, 247, or any of the recruiting site’s rankings for this class of UAB’s. Coach Clark and staff may have a couple of classes under their belt since #TheReturn but they’re still having to fill roster spots in such a way to stagger the classes and bring in immediate help rather than players who will be developed over time. Also, these sites don’t do a great job of evaluating JUCOs like they would high school seniors. With that being said, let’s look at the positives from UAB’s 2017 National Signing Day.

Sure there were some disappointing late misses and some needs that weren’t filled but let me explain why I think this particular class truly reflects the genius of Bill Clark. This class was all about location, location, location. Hewitt’s Acfalle and Cash, Parker’s Minter, Vestavia’s Nuss, and Mortimer Jordan’s Brown all played their high school ball less than 25 miles from UAB.

One of the biggest knocks on UAB football over the years was their lack of fan support from the local community. Clark and staff have made a point to find the best local players they could to highlight this Spring class to build up the Blazer brand in the surrounding areas. This my friends is how you build a program and not a flash in the pan.

In addition to the greater Birmingham products, 4 star Thomas Johnston from the Mobile area, Logan Arnold and Dyjonn Turner from North Alabama, and Will Boler from Opelika complete what is a state-wide acquisition of talent.

Again, UAB has had to bring in a majority of upperclassmen from the JUCO ranks these past few classes in an attempt to be immediately competitive this fall. But it’s Clark and staff’s deliberate effort to establish future recruiting links to local schools that will ultimately give the Blazers long term sustainable success. Today is a great day for the program so enjoy it and embrace these young men who made a decision to be a part of history.