Stars are aligning and stars are performing. All season we’ve waited for the two center pieces of this team, Chris Cokley and William Lee, to string together multiple games where each has performed at their potential on the same night. So what if it took losing six-of-seven in the month of February for the urgency and effort to rise from the ashes. The one thing this team desperately lacked, they seem to have finally found when it’s needed the most — confidence.

A couple game previews ago I made mention of UAB needing their seven day break in a very bad way when it finally came around late in February. Since that break, Ehsan and his staff have made a deliberate point to extend their defense beyond half-court after nearly every made UAB basket. We aren’t seeing it result in the chaos that a team like West Virginia can cause, but it’s doing just enough to break up the rhythm. Our guards are very close to having their anticipation of passes pay off. I’m predicting in the coming games this defense is going to cause some real problems with their press.

Predicting The Madness

It’s March baby, which means it’s time to continue to discuss the impending Conference USA bracket and how UAB matches up with their potential opponents. Let’s take a look at the bracket as of today. As it stands, UAB will either be the 6 or 7 seed after tomorrow.


I know this conference as well as anyone, and I’m here to tell you this current bracket is a dream scenario for UAB. Whether it’s facing FAU/Southern Miss/UTSA/Charlotte, I really like the way we match up against those teams — and even ODU in the quarterfinals.

The 21 point loss to the Monarchs on February 11 was a total outlier of how they usually perform against opponents this season. They won’t have another shooting night like they did that night, especially against a senior loaded UAB team that’ll be in a win or go home situation — take that to the bank.

Teams UAB is guaranteed to not face until the final:

  • MTSU
  • UTEP
  • Rice
  • WKU

The dream path to the NCAA Tournament is laid out before us and now all the team has to do is play the way they’re capable of. Get your tickets to the conference tournament. I promise you won’t be disappointed.