We’ve reached the point of the offseason where I’ve emotionally distanced myself enough from last season and a sufficient amount of interesting blog-able happenings have come about. For me UAB basketball is like a relationship, and this past year felt an awful lot like a bad break-up.

But nonetheless, I pride myself as being the positive voice of the UAB fanbase; therefore, today we will touch on all the good and/or interesting things surrounding the program.

It would be silly to not start with the biggest news that has surfaced since March, and that’s the report of William Lee inserting his name into the NBA draft. As Drew mentions in his article, Haha will not hire an agent; therefore, if he chooses to return to school before the deadline he will not lose his final senior year of eligibility.

This is a great and needed rule change that was born during the annual NCAA talks at the 2014 Final Four. Before this change, once the athlete declared for the draft they immediately lost their remaining eligibility.

Now the athlete can participate in the NBA combine (if invited) in Chicago, as well as one tryout with each NBA team. You’d be hard pressed to find many who would honestly say now is the time for Haha to make the jump to the next level, which should help most rest easy between now and May 24. However, there’s more to his decision that comes into play than most realize.

Check out this excerpt from a SB Nation article this past November:

Upon hearing that the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) will include legislation that increases NBA D-League salaries to $50,000-$75,000 from the $19,000 (B contract) – $26,000 (A contract) that current D-Leaguers earn, I thought it was a game-changer for sure. I can recall conversations I had years ago with a former NBA executive and mentor of mine, where I’d say “if only the D-League could find a way to increase the salaries, it would offer a better option for pros than the current model does.” He never disputed my assertion, but the reality of a salary increase seemed like a pipe dream or, at the very least, virtual light years away from ever happening. Couple that with the advent of two-way contracts and NBA roster sizes maxing out at 18 versus the previous 15? Oh, not only is this a game-changing attention grabber, but a potential life-changer for many aspiring pro basketball players.

Basically what’s now happened is players who feel they have at minimum D-League level talent will be much more inclined to take the plunge and leave college in the rear view mirror. Money is everything so don’t be surprised if Haha chases the paper rather than another year in the class room. Prepare your emotions accordingly.

The Recruiting Front

Ehsan and co. are racking up their sky miles as we speak. The Daily Dragon followed basketball recruiting super close last season and we certainly learned a lot. The biggest thing we took from the experience was more times than not, frequent free updates are more harmful to the program than they are informative to the general public. Recruiting is a dirty, cut throat business. Our vision as a UAB focused blog is to provide thorough and informative news and coverage with a positive slant. Going forward we’ll be doing more of collecting public information and updates rather than attempting to relay “insider” type leads and tips.

Let’s take a look at what the staff has been up to in the past couple of weeks. As usual all this info is from Twitter (shout out to my man @UAB_Recruiting) which has become the quickest and most reliable source for recruiting info.

Recruit below mentions UAB

Current Signee Updates