The UAB Blazers have six road games in 2017, so we’ll take a look at each one and rank them to help you prepare for your road trips this fall. 

Let’s just pause, as always, to take in the fact that UAB football has road games — and games in general — to watch this year.

Now that we’re all in a good place, let’s take a look at our rankings.

6. Charlotte, N.C. – Charlotte (Oct. 21): To be honest, there isn’t much to be desired about the Charlotte campus and Jerry Richardson stadium, but it’s only a six hour drive and is a huge road game for UAB. However, Charlotte is a pretty cool town with major league franchises in the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets. Unfortunately, the Panthers are out of town this weekend, or else this would be much higher in our rankings. The NBA schedule isn’t out yet, so there is a chance you could catch a basketball game. The 49ers are projected to be the worst team in the eastern division, so UAB needs to win this game.

5. Muncie, Ind. – Ball State (Sept. 9): I think this will be a really good matchup in week two, and a really good chance to see just how good this UAB team will be in 2017, but it’s not exactly a destination site for college football fans. Its’ about an eight and a half hour drive from Birmingham, so it’s a do-able trip. Muncie is only about an hour away from Indianapolis, which would be a cool place to check out. It’s two and a half hours away from Columbus, Ohio where the Buckeyes will be playing Oklahoma that week. The UAB-Ball State game starts at 2 p.m. CT and the Ohio State-Oklahoma game starts at 6:30 p.m. CT, so I’m not sure you would get to enjoy both. Scheumann Stadium holds 16,000 people, and looks like some of the high school stadiums in Texas. If you want to go to enjoy the attractions around Muncie, then it could be a good trip, but as for the campus and stadium itself, it’s not a desirable trip for UAB fans.

4. Denton, Texas – North Texas (Sept. 23): This will be UAB’s first Conference USA game, so that brings some added motivation for this one. Denton is just under a 10 hour drive from Birmingham, which is not a terrible drive. Or you can fly directly into Dallas or Fort Worth. Denton is less than an hour away from both Forth Worth and Dallas. Apogee Stadium is a pretty neat looking stadium and holds over 30,000. The Blazers will be battling the Mean Green in the C-USA Western division this year. This will be a big game for UAB, and not a terrible road trip.

3. San Antonio, Texas – UTSA (Nov. 11): San Antonio is almost a 13 hour drive, which is a bit out of my range. A plane trip will cost you about $400 round trip, so this isn’t an easy one to get to, but the Alamodome is a can’t miss treat. I’m not a huge fan of dome stadiums, I prefer the outdoor atmosphere, but they’re still rare enough that it’s neat to watch a game indoors when you have the chance. Plus, UTSA should be pretty good this year and the Alamodome seats 65,000, so that place could be rocking. Obviously, the Blazers will be fighting the Roadrunners for the C-USA West crown, so they’ll need all the support they can get in San Antonio.

2. Hattiesburg, Miss. – Southern Miss (Oct. 28): Pretty obvious choice here. Anytime Southern Miss is on the schedule it will be at the top of this list. It’s the shortest drive for any road game the Blazers will play this year. It’s just a three and a half hour trip down 20/59 from Birmingham. The football stadium with a terribly long name, is pretty neat because of how enclosed it is. It feels like the fans are right on top of the field. It’s always interesting when these two teams meet up, and I’m sure the atmosphere will be live with #theReturn of UAB football.

1. Gainesville, Fla. – Florida (Nov. 18): It’s an easy decision for number one this year with Florida on the schedule. Whether you like them or not, any college football fan can’t deny the chance to visit The Swamp. It’s a top five destination in college football, so you don’t want to miss the chance to watch your UAB Blazers play there. The Gators have been to the SEC Championship game two years in a row and will certainly be a tough challenge for UAB football in their first year back. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium seats over 83,000 and will be an intimidating place to play in. Gainseville is just a seven hour drive, so gas up the car and make sure you don’t miss this road trip.

Reasonable Expectations for UAB Football in 2017


Again, it’s great that we even have the opportunity to travel to these great places and watch our football team play in 2017. I hope you can make as many of these trips as possible to go support UAB football.