Our positional previews move on with the tight end position, which has been a hot topic item during fall practice. 

A lot of early news in fall camp surrounded the injuries at tight end.

Thair Blakes and Skylor Clinton both suffered season-ending knee injuries early in fall practice, making depth at the position a bit questionable.

Other tight ends listed on the roster include: Hayden Pittman, Logan Scott, Stephen Pickren, Tony Ransom, Nick Holman and Logan Arnold.

The clear front-runner through the spring was Scott. But he is also dealing with an injury, but should be find for September 2 if everything goes smoothly.

The 6-foot-2, 240 pound tight end has very good hands and should be a good safety option for the quarterback.

Pittman and Pickren appear to be right behind him on the depth chart right now. Both guys are 6-foot-4, but Pickren is a bigger guy at 250 pounds and will most likely be used more in blocking situations.

With the injuries, coach Clark has toyed with the idea of moving quarterback Kylen Binn and offensive lineman David Galten to tight end. I don’t know how those moves will materialize. I still think there is enough depth at tight end with the guys in place, but if more injuries occur those two could be next in line.

Ransom and Arnold could also get time at tight end this year if more injuries hit.

The tight end position is very important for this offense. They will be called on often in the passing game, especially with an inexperienced quarterback.

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Of the groups we’ve covered so far, this unit scares me the most. If Scott stays healthy I think we’ll be alright, but if he goes down it would be a real blow to this group.