UAB released it’s official 2-deep depth chart today (Monday), so we’ll give our thoughts on where everyone is positioned for game one.

You can view the official depth chart here.

Not much of a shock at quarterback, which is a highly covered position. We’ve known for a while that A.J. Erdely is the starter with Tyler Johnston behind him.

James Noble at starting running back isn’t a surprise either. However, one of the biggest surprises to me on this depth chart is the absence of Kalin Heath. The redshirt freshman was very impressive in the spring game, and I thought he would be in the top two. But according to this depth chart he’s not even in the top three.

I still expect to see a lot of running backs get carries this Saturday.

We nailed Collin Lisa and Brock McCoin as starting wide receivers, but I had Xavier Ubosi as a back-up. The depth chart has he and Andre Wilson listed as starters at the third wide receiver position.

We were perfect on the offensive line, which has been well known for a while now. But this list gives us a better idea of who the back-ups are.

I thought it was a forgone conclusion that Logan Scott was the starter at tight end, but he is listed along with freshman Hayden Pittman as starters. There is a good chance we see a lot of two tight end sets on Saturday.

On defense, I was a little surprised to see Anthony Rush listed as a back-up. I thought he was a sure thing to start at defensive tackle, but senior Teko Powell gets the nod — both will see plenty of playing time.

Darryl Waters and Zachary Williams, both thought to be competing at linebacker, were listed as back-ups behind Stacy Keely at defensive end.

At linebacker, it was no surprise to see Shaq Jones and Tevin Crews listed as starters.

The surprise here was Fitzgerald Mofor getting the start at the will linebacker spot. And right behind him is highly touted freshman Thomas Johnston.

We absolutely nailed the secondary in our speculative 2-deep depth chart last week.

All-in-all, we were correct on 9-of-11 starters on offense and 9-of-11 on defense (pats self on back).

We honestly were’t quite as great on the second team, but that was expected. Hopefully we get to see a lot of them play against Alabama A&M.

I can’t wait to see what these guys do on the field this Saturday!