After a disappointing loss on the road to Ball State, UAB football has a chance to bounce back at home against Coastal Carolina. We’ll take a look at what the Blazers need to do in order to get a win this Saturday.

Stay in Your Lane 

That statement could mean a lot of things for this UAB football team, but for this particular week it means they need to play assignment football. When playing an option-heavy offense like Coastal Carolina, you have to be diligent and know when to stay in your lane. Don’t over commit to a play, because that is what the offense is trying to get you to do. This isn’t an offense you see every week, so it will take some time for the defense to adjust. The coaches will have to drill into the defense all week the importance of staying at home. If our defense can do that and not give up any big running plays, I think the Blazers win easily.

Play Smart on Offense

I thought the offense took a huge stride forward in a lot of areas against Ball State, but the one thing that killed us in that game was the penalties and mental mistakes. Those are things to be expected for a team that hasn’t played together, but they have to do a better job of limiting those mistakes each week. We can’t continually stall drives with penalties or mental mistakes like not throwing the football away. Hopefully the offense can finally play a clean game so we can see what it’s really capable of.

Feed the Beast 

Freshman running back Spencer Brown is just that, a beast. He ran for 151 yards on 17 carries last weekend. I thought we abandoned the run too quickly at times against Ball State. Particularly on the first drive of the second half when we kept gashing them up the middle and then decided to throw the football four plays in a row. There is obviously something special with Brown, and while our line might not be great at pass blocking yet, they certainly can run block. I hope Brown gets over 20 carries this week, and he should in every game for the foreseeable future.

Week 3: UAB Football vs. Coastal Carolina Preview, Analysis and Prediction

That’s really all I have for this week’s game. I think the game plan is fairly simple in theory — play assignment football on defense, and don’t hurt yourself with penalties on offense. Go Blazers!