UAB fans certainly came out for the return with a record 45,212 in attendance, but how will they follow up that showing against Coastal Carolina on Saturday?

We all knew the support would be huge for game one, but something I don’t think many people have given thought is what happens next.

In 2014 UAB football averaged 21,841 fans per game with some big highs and big lows. They had games of over 27, 29 and 28-thousand, but also had games of 16 and 9-thousand.

The year before that, UAB averaged an awful 10,548 fans per game with just one game registering over 20,000 fans.

I certainly hope we don’t ever see those numbers again, but what’s to be expected for a “normal” UAB football game?

As much as I’d love to see it happen, I doubt UAB is going to average over 40,000 fans a game this year.

The highest average by any Conference USA team last year was Southern Miss at 28,587 per game. Seven teams in the conference averaged over 20,000 a game last year.

The lowest average by any Conference USA team was Florida Atlantic with just 10,072 a game.

UAB obviously leads the conference this year with an average of 45,212 per game (through one game), but funny enough, Florida Atlantic is right behind them with 28,481 fans showing up for Lane Kiffin’s debut.

Right now the Conference USA average is 24,961. That number will likely go down as the season progresses, but I think that’s where UAB’s average should land.

After what the fans have been through, and had to do in order to get the program back, I hope we never average under 20,000 again.

With the two big programs in the state playing meaningless games later in the day, I expect another big crowd for UAB and Coastal Carolina. If I had to guess, I think we top 25,000 this weekend. I would be ecstatic if we get up over 30,000.

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Now that the hype from #theReturn is over, we’ll start to get a better idea of just how supportive this UAB community can be. It’s up to us now to continue and support this team through the good and bad. I hope to see you all at Legion Field on Saturday.

Go Blazers!