UAB football improved their record to 2-1 after three non-conference games to start the season.

In the pursuit of six or more wins, many of us believed this win over Coastal Carolina was arguably an early season “must-win” based on the remaining schedule.

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The Blazers controlled this game from start to finish despite a bit of a fatigue let down late in the second half. Let’s take a look at some of the key moments and highlights from their 30-23 win over the Chanticleers.

UAB came out throwing the ball on their first three plays, which set up the run above perfectly. I’d expect to see more designed draw plays for A.J. out of empty back shotgun sets.

A.J. makes them pay a couple plays later on virtually the same exact designed draw.

In the following three highlights, UAB’s secondary made it clear early that they were prepared for the option and their quick screen passes. Darious Williams was the defensive MVP in my opinion.

The next play is UAB’s first interception of three on the day. Thomas Johnston (#7) lines up in the jack linebacker position on the left side, which is a hybrid defensive end/linebacker position. I imagine Coach Clark will play him more at this position rather than at the middle linebacker position until his strength and vision improves.

The following highlight shows UAB’s second touchdown late in the first quarter. Leading into this Spencer Brown run Coach Koenning runs the diamond formation back-to-back for positive gains and you could really tell it was troubling Coastal and wearing them down due to the speed of the snaps. In result, Spencer Brown catches them out of position and flat footed and makes them pay. This offense flourishes when they can keep the pace up.

Another angle:

Below, UAB shows fantastic assignment defense with Anthony Rush leading the way.

Watch this next clip closely. Playing Thomas Johnston up top at the jack position allows Shaq Jones to play the true defensive end position at the bottom. In result, Shaq beats the chop block and gets a hand up that results in the Tevin Crews interception. With Stacey Keely out at the moment, Shaq and Thomas on the ends provides a lot of speed off the edges.

Next we have UAB’s third touchdown, and in my opinion the best offensive play of the game. So many perfectly timed first and second level blocks.

After this offensive play Coastal really began to control the ball offensively and put up 15 second half points. You could point to fatigue and, per usual, a handful of botched third down plays.

Overall defensively, UAB played a fantastic game. It was hot and Coastal was coming at them in waves with their option attack in the second half.

READ: Takeaways From UAB’s 30-23 Win over Coastal Carolina

Overall offensively, UAB was pretty darn good the first half but really lost steam in the second half. We got a bit pass happy and Coastal ran some very creative blitzes. In the end we survived and I think this game would have been more of a blow out if it had been played later in the season.