Here we give our keys to victory for UAB football as they take on La Tech this Saturday at Legion Field.

As I mentioned in my preview, I think this is a very winnable game for UAB. That is not something I would have said at the beginning of the year when I pretty much penciled this one in for a loss.

Being at home certainly helps UAB as both of their wins have come at home this year.

Here are some keys to victory for UAB this weekend:

Balanced Attack

I don’t care how good you are at running the football, if teams know it’s coming they’re going to shut it down. You can’t be a one dimensional team on offense and win games like this. Teams have started to stack the box against UAB because they don’t respect our passing game. I have confidence that A.J. Erdely can lead a balanced attack, and I hope the offense made some adjustments in the bye week to open up the passing game. Only then will we be able to get back to running the ball effectively.

Red Zone DefenseĀ 

La Tech has struggled to punch the football into the endzone this year when reaching the red zone. They’ve had 21 trips inside the 20, but have come away with six points just nine times. Compare that to the UAB offense that has made 18 red zone trips in one less game and scored 14 touchdowns. UAB’s opponents are 8-14 on the year in red zone touchdowns. Our defense has to hold their ground in the red zone and hold them to field goal attempts.

Hold on to the Football

Holding on to the football means a couple of different things for the Blazers in this game. First of all, they obviously need to avoid any turnovers. On the year UAB has fumbled eight times and lost five of them. That can’t happen against a team like La Tech who has forced eight fumbles this year — but only recovered two. The other way UAB needs to hold the football is on offense. This is something I say almost every week, but it’s because I believe it’s highly important to the team’s success, and I’ve yet to see it happen. The offense has to do a better job of staying on the field and giving our defense a break. We’ve still yet to win a time-of-possession battle outside of the Alabama A&M game. If the offense can play keep-away and make this a four quarter game, the Blazers have a very good chance of pulling off the upset.

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This is a game UAB can definitely win, and if they do the three things I mentioned above, I think they will win this Saturday.