Don’t come at me with the “It’s too early for this talk” comments! Let’s enjoy the fact that we are here!

In all seriousness, it’s super awesome for our team to be in a position to even be mentioned in the main sports site’s bowl projections. Since it’s been a while, let’s go over some of the basics in regards to getting to a bowl.

Conference USA Bowls

  • New Orleans
  • Armed Forces Bowl (Fort Worth, Texas vs. Army)
  • Boca Raton
  • St. Petersburg
  • Bahamas
  • New Mexico

Here’s the current model the NCAA is using when picking bowl teams:

All bowl-eligible teams with 6-6 records must be chosen for a bowl game before any teams with a 5-7 record can be considered, a rule the NCAA’s Division I Council implemented on Wednesday for the 2016-17 season.

If there are not enough teams at 6-6 or better to fill the spots they’ll start adding 5-7 teams based on their APR scores.

As we know, UAB is currently 4-3 with five games left to play. Per SB Nation’s Bill Connelly, who developed the very popular S & P Analytic System, UAB has a 92 percent chance to get to 6-6 by beating Rice and UTEP at home. Losing to Charlotte made a our margin for error much more thin, but we are still in pretty good shape.

Here are the current bowl projections from major sports sites:

  • SB Nation: Independence (Shreveport) – UAB vs. Duke
  • ESPN: N/A
  • USA Today: N/A
  • CBS Sports: Camellia (Montgomery) – UAB vs. Miami (OH)
  • Yahoo: N/A

We’ll update the projections weekly going forward.