UAB football will back out on the road to face a hot Southern Miss team, but we’ll look at how the Blazers can pull off the upset.

First of all, Coach Clark will have to wake the team up. They obviously were asleep in Charlotte and did not play inspired football at all. I don’t expect that to be the case this Saturday.

Here is how UAB pulls off the nearly 14 point upset:

  • Back to the basics: I’ve been wanting our offense to become more dynamic all season, but now it might be time to get back to what we know UAB is good at, and that’s running the football. We have a stable of good running backs, and A.J. Erdely has been very effective carrying the ball as well. I think the coaching staff gets back to leaning on them a bit more heavily, and only passing when necessary to open things up. While I have full confidence in Erdely throwing the football, let’s get back to the basics of UAB football in 2017.
  • Special teams: This is the third week in a row I’ve mentioned special teams, but it’s still a major problem for UAB — specifically in the return unit. We have to do a better job of first securing the ball on punt and kickoff returns, and knowing when to take a knee. Field position will be very key in this game — as it is for every game — and we can’t continually pin ourselves inside the 20.
  • Limit the big play: Southern Miss has an explosive offense with several play-makers, and the UAB defense has to prevent them from having any big plays. The defense did a very good job of this against Charlotte, except for the one big pass play. If we can bend but not break, I think we’ll be in good shape against the Southern Miss offense.
  • Best game yet: If UAB is going to win this game they’ll have to play their best game yet. They can’t have any turnovers, and they can’t have a ton of penalties. They’ll need to be nearly flawless on special teams, and the offense will need to be clicking on all cylinders. We’ve yet to see that happen this year, so hopefully this is the week it happens.

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Even though UAB is a 14 point underdog at Southern Miss, I have full confidence that they can win this game if they play to the best of their ability.