You heard it here first folks. We’re selling out the green and gold digs to aid in our fundraising efforts to replace Vulcan with a statue of William Lee.

If you want to donate to the fundraiser, click here.

Take a look at some of the iconic brands that will be featured on this year’s jerseys.


We all can remember the first time that sweet purple drank hit our lips and cooled our scorching pallets. “MMMMMMMMMMM THAT DRANK!” I cried out to Gus across the counter at Pete’s Famous Hot Dogs as a young buck.


On Full Moon Jersey nights the athletic department is going to put a baby pool at center court and fill it with that good ol’ Full Moon barbecue sauce. Two students will wrestle in the liquid gold in search for a single rib that will win them 10 years free tuition and a private dinner with Ray Watts at AL’s.


What’s the first thing you think of when is comes to Birmingham Icons? That’s right … our world famous and greatest billboard advertiser.


If you didn’t think we’d sell out you’re dead wrong! We’re all about cashing checks and buying the rights to change the name of Legacy Pavilion to “Bill Clark Memorial Big Freakin’ Building With No Walls”.


(***This is fake news***)