After breaking Jordan Howard’s freshman rushing record last week at Southern Miss, we shift our sights to the next set of records on the horizon.

There have been countless articles written about the young, humble, and bruising running back of late as he continues to captivate us all with each trot down the field. While breaking Howard’s freshman rushing record of 881 yards is impressive and noteworthy, it’s not totally surprising it happened with such seemingly ease given our relatively short football history and the level of talent Clark has an eye for.

We mentioned in our last piece on Spencer Brown that UAB was the benefactor of having Brown commit very early in his recruitment process, and aren’t we thankful for that now. With at least four games left in the season and a couple of suspect defenses on the horizon, let’s take a look at some special milestones Brown can reach.

Conference USA Freshman Rushing Record

Over the next month it’s going to be really exciting to see just how far Brown takes his historic season at UAB. Conference USA is no stranger to fantastic running backs having produced the likes of DeAngelo Williams, Matt Forte, and Chris Johnson. But it’s not a house hold name NFL-type that owns the freshman rushing record in our conference. That record belongs to a small, shifty back from Biloxi who is believed to be one of the best to ever tote the ball at Southern Miss.

Damion Fletcher was a nightmare for UAB and our conference from 2006-2009. He accumulated over 5,302 yards in his career, which puts him just past Herschel Walker and LaDainian Tomlinson all-time. Not too shabby for a two-star recruit.

Fletcher burst onto the scene his freshman year and rushed for 1,388 yards, which is the current conference record for a freshman. This brings us back to Spencer Brown and his path to break this record. With four games left he’d need to average around 120 yards to break Fletcher’s record. UAB will likely go bowling so he should have five games and potentially a sixth if we sneak into the conference championship. You better believe it’s possible.

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UAB’s Single Season Rushing Record

I’ll admit I’m reaching a bit here now as this record belongs to the man starting for the Chicago Bears. Jordan Howard’s single season rushing record of 1,587 is pretty much a pipe dream for now, but it’s still fun to see what it would take for Brown to break it.

If UAB only plays four more games this season he’d need to average around 170 per game. If UAB plays five games, which is the most likely, he’ll need to average around 136. If by chance we make the conference championship game he’d need to average around 114. Honestly, it’s crazy that we are even having this discussion given Brown wasn’t even our starting running back to begin the season.

Let’s continue to enjoy the run from our special freshman and let fate decide what happens from here.