UAB football will be back home this Saturday to take on the Rice Owls, so we’ll look at some keys to victory. 

After being nearly a 14 point underdog at Southern Miss last weekend, UAB will be on the other end of the spectrum as a 12 point favorite at home against Rice.

Let’s look at how UAB makes sure they aren’t the team to get upset this weekend:

  • Don’t let your guard down: We’ve already seen this happen once this year, so I really doubt Coach Clark will let it happen twice, but the team can’t let their guard down playing a team they should easily beat. Rice is not a very good football team, but if you don’t prepare with the right mindset they can certainly pull off the upset just like Charlotte did.
  • Keep your foot on the gas: There will be a lot of comparisons made this week to the Charlotte game, but something they failed to do in Charlotte — among several other things — is keep their foot on the gas. After taking a big lead the offense went stagnant. They can’t allow that to happen this Saturday. If they get out to an early lead they need to continue and pile on. The longer you let a team like Rice hang around, the more confident they get about pulling off the upset.
  • Assignment defense: Again, just like in the Charlotte game, our defense has to play assignment football. Rice’s quarterback is not as quick, but he can run the ball effectively. Our linebackers and defensive ends have to do a better job keeping the quarterback from getting outside for big gains.
  • Play your game: It’s easy in games like this to try and be someone your not. UAB is a very good team, capable of beating anyone in this conference when they play their game. Don’t try and get cute or fancy, just play UAB football this weekend and we should get our sixth win of the season.

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That’s it for this week’s keys to victory. It sounds like a simple game plan, but these are the games that can be difficult to execute if we don’t stay focused.