Blazer hoops are back and once again expectations are high. Let’s take a look at three things to watch for at their exhibition against Morehouse College from Atlanta.

The Return of Nick Norton

The captain is back and hopefully all will be right on the court again. We haven’t seen Nick Norton at full speed in nearly 12 months. Given he didn’t participate in the Hoops After Dark event I’m curious to know if he’ll see action tomorrow night in a meaningless game. UAB has the luxury of starting the season at home against Jacksonville and a down Chattanooga which is a great opportunity to work Nick back in slowly.


Who will Coach Ehsan send out as the starting five tomorrow and does it even matter? UAB has depth at nearly every position and will likely go eight or nine deep most nights so I’m thinking there will be fluidity outside of the big three. My guess on the starting five tomorrow and to start the season is Lee, Cokley, Norton, Perry, and Darling. Maybe that’s not so much my guess as it is my hope. Where does Lavender fit now? He’s too good defensively to not be a main contributor. So many questions!

Scootie Bryant

Admit it. You’re super psyched to see the bouncy freshman in live game action. Steve Irvine of Blazers 247 mentioned that he felt he would be an immediate contributor when he saw him practice weeks back. We have a wealth of talented guards which I felt last season was one of our weaker areas because of Nick’s absence causing guys to play out of position.

A Brief Look At Morehouse College

The only thing I know about Morehouse is MLK is an alum and Oprah gives the school a lot of money. I’m not sure how that translates to the basketball court though.

The Morehouse Maroon Tigers are affiliated with the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC). Morehouse College competes in football, baseball, basketball, cross country, tennis, track & field and golf.

As you’d expect they have a guard heavy roster loaded with a lot of Atlanta players. Their best player appears to be Tyruis Walker a 6-foot-1 guard who had a handful of thirty plus games last season.