UAB cruised in their opener beating Jacksonville 96-76

Chris Cokley led the way with an effortless double-double scoring 26 and 13 rebounds and UAB’s offense looked as deadly as ever. With Nick Norton back at point guard all things were right in the world and shots were falling all night long.

In Scootie We Trust

This kid is the truth. When was the last time we saw a freshman with this kind of skill and poise? Probably never. His handle is incredible and he is the perfect compliment to Nick Norton at point guard. Part of me feel’s the basketball God’s gifted us Scootie since we lost Nick last season. Man I can’t wait to see this kid continue to develop.

Gueye Surprises

I have to admit I was wrong about Makhtar. In the exhibition I saw a raw freshman who was timid and not ready for the speed and pace of the college game. Last night my opinion of him changed. Gueye defended well and had many timely rebounds. We finally got to see his polished offensive game as well. Along with Scootie this kid is going to be special.

Defense Needs Some Work

Again we were constantly rotating and shuffling line-ups so I don’t want to be too hard on the defense. At times we got lost on simple Jacksonville sets and open three point shooters made us pay.  I think we have the depth to really press teams full court and I expect that pressure to increase come Monday and in the future. When Makhtar and Lee are on the floor together we are super long and I can’t wait to see that pair develop some chemistry together.