UAB looks to start 3-0 for the first time since 2013 when they host LeMoyne-Owen College from Memphis Thursday night. 

The only thing hotter than UAB’s offense to start the season is this mascot match-up between dragons and magicians. Honestly I had never heard of LeMoyne-Owen until recently but strangely enough they’ve already played an opponent of ours that we are very familiar with.

I’m not so sure what this closer than expected score says about Memphis or the Magicians. I’ve been told Memphis is going to have a down year but I don’t even begin to know how to scout a team like LeMoyne-Owen.

The box score for this game shows they had a guard named Reshun Ellis who scored 26 points in 22 minutes and they had seven players log more than 20 minutes. I’m told by someone who was at the game they love to play with pace. Really that’s all I got folks.

What we do know is UAB is playing with a lot of confidence early in this season and I expect them to break the century mark pretty easily tomorrow night. Let’s take a look at some keys to victory for UAB.

Blazer Keys To Victory

To me a victory would be dipping deep in to our roster and getting a lot of guys minutes without any injuries. This easy match-up should be the perfect primer for the Blazers who will head to the Cayman Island tournament on Monday.

Check back with us this weekend when we’ll have a much more in-depth game preview of Richmond and our potential second game opponents.