The Spiders and Blazers will tip at approximately 4:00 PM CT on Monday November 20

I’m not super thrilled that this entire tournament is only being made available via a paid subscription online feed but what can you do? At least there are multiple options to stream this tournament.

Option 1: Flo Hoops

For $30 you can get a subscription for the entire tournament at this link. Do not forget to cancel the subscription once the tournament is over because it will renew every 30 days. For those with Roku, Apple TV, and other cord cutting providers Flo Hoops has an app that can be downloaded.

Option 2: College Sports Live

This is this cheapest option for those of us that are going to stream it straight on our devices. You can buy a subscription for “less than $10” a month at this link. You’ll want to follow the same cancellation procedure as Flo Hoops.

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