While there were some offensive positives to build off of, UAB fails to hold on to leads in the second half resulting in their second loss in as many days at the Cayman Island Classic.

I’m not going to sugarcoat the fact we played some horrendous defense for the second day in a row against teams that we should have beaten. Allowing a sub-par 3-point shooting team to hit 14 from behind the arc is just unfathomable honestly. UAB has to figure out a way to defend the perimeter when teams attack the paint and dish out.

Not to make excuses for the team but I think a lot of UAB’s problems on defense can be attributed to the rotations being new as we work in our freshman and Lewis Sullivan. UAB has the pieces to be a really good team and with time I think we’ll see this team gel and win games they are supposed to. Nate Darling and William Lee have practically been non factors in both games even though Lee did scored some. When this roster clicks as a unit we’ll see a vast improvement on the floor even if it’s a little slower developing than we may have expected.

Scouting The Hawkeyes

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.03.56 PM.png

UAB will again face a team in this tournament that is extremely young and unexperienced. But as we’ve seen that doesn’t necessarily result in an easy outing for our team early in this season.

Iowa will be one of the tallest and longest front courts we’ll see all season. Richmond exposed our outside shooting on Monday by crowding the paint and I’d expect more of the same from the Hawkeyes. Our guards are going to have to step it up as they’ll be matched against Big 10 level players.

The Hawkeyes have 5 players averaging double figures this season and they’ve hit 37 3-pointers through four games. They play at a very quick pace as their tempo ranks 29th in the country. It wouldn’t surprise me if this young team plays themselves in to an at-large big later in the season given how much talent they have.

The sophomore guard duo of Isiah Moss and Jordan Bohannon average 16.3 and 12.5 points respectively. We’ll have our hands full with their 6-foot-11 freshman center Luke Garza who is going to be really special for the Hawkeyes before his career is over.

Three Keys To Victory For the Blazers

  1. We need to put a complete game together. UAB was very good in the first half against Buffalo but inconsistent play in the second half cost them the game.
  2. If we can’t get Nate Darling going again we need to continue to let Jalen Perry get the lion’s share of the minutes. Shooters go through slumps and hopefully his will end soon.
  3. Stop losing to inferior teams.