A collective underwhelming product has many concerned and upset as the season draws closer to an end.

I am guilty. I’m guilty of letting the sour taste of defeat poison my appetite for supporting UAB basketball through thick and thin. However that changes today and I personally vow to give what I can to help this team right the ship as they continue to pursue what they know and we know they’re capable of.

UAB fans have long desired to be different from their juggernaut supporting peers who often take the lowest roads when the going gets tough for their teams. We’re different because being a Blazer fan is one of the most unique experiences in all of sports. Although young in comparison to most, UAB athletics has experienced a broad spectrum of greatness and heart-break in it’s relatively short existence. Being a UAB fan can be tough as hell more times than not but that’s what makes it all worth it when we do overcome.

So today there won’t be a preview for the Rice game. Today I encourage you to reflect and remember what it’s like to be Ever Faithful, Ever Loyal. If the recent disappointments have pushed you too far I’m sorry to say but you’re straying from what Gene Bartow envisioned when he built this athletic department. Being the vocal few comes with great responsibility, and with that comes must come unwavering pride, confidence, and humbleness.

If you’ve made it this far in to this brief blog post I challenge you to take a moment and show your support for UAB basketball through social media. Tweet at their official account or just make a statement in your own way. They deserve it.