As fate would have it two of C-USA’s most storied programs are aligned for their third game of the season in Thursday night’s quarterfinal match-up.

The basketball gods have blessed us with a heavyweight fight on just the second day of the tournament folks. These two teams are built like blue bloods featuring seasoned rosters and the powerful front courts of Chris Cokley, William Lee, Justin Johnson, and Dwight Coleby. This is Ali vs Frazier in Frisco.

As expected Vegas has this one close giving the Tops a 2.5 point edge. With the way UAB’s offense is playing of late I’d say the first to 75 is going to win this one. Both teams are far too versatile offensively for this to be a defensive slug fest.

Since we just played the Tops last weekend I won’t take a deep dive in to their roster and schemes. They know us and we know them. It comes down to who wants it more at this point.

3 Keys to Blazer Victory

  1. UAB played a near perfect game in their blow out against the Tops last Saturday. If we’re assuming things won’t quiet go that well we’ll need to key in on our basic short comings to squeak out this game and none being more important than winning the turn over battle. We can’t beat ourselves.
  2. The Tops love to attack the rim and get teams in foul trouble. Our front court and reserves must play smart and pick their spots to be aggressive.
  3. Justin Johnson has been a match-up nightmare for us for years and William Lee is the likely the only player on our team who can keep in check. Let’s hope this healthier and active Haha puts of a defensive show.